[Description: Image dominated by Rose standing in her orange date dress. Her center of balance isn’t fully… centered, and she’s got a bit on a Mona Lisa smile going on. Underneath are quicker sketches of selected scenes from Canon: Rose drifting happily down the stairs head first, Rose wonking at Kangaya from her drinking table, Rose smushing her lips into the general direction of a surprised Kanaya’s fanged face gash.]


reality vs expectations

Not sure which is meant to be reality and which merely expectations, here. It all happened! (Sort of.) Surely including the first bit with Rose being hot in her dress.

[Description: Adorable chibi-fied Kanaya and Rose hanging out in fancy dresses. Rose is in Light player orange, and Kanaya’s is wearing royal tyrian. Oh well, it’s not like Feferi has need of her wardrobe currently. Kanaya and Rose are both relaxed and happy, and a figurative heart floats between them.]


help uploading things on the school computer is hard

[Description: Rose and Kanaya staring gaa-gaa into each other’s eyes and… you know what? Nope. Not doing this again since two posts ago. They remain obviously in love, what else is contextually relevant?]




huffs loudly people are liking this that makes me happy

Good, because you deserve to be happy :)


AUTHOR: partingxshot

PAIRING: Rose/Kanaya; Gamzee




EXCERPT: She crosses her legs, clad in smooth, modern black pants like the skin of some night-prowling cat, and shifts her weight towards the edge of her seat. She isn’t ever quite at rest; there is an energy about her that never seems willing to settle into contact with the physical realm. Her movements are slow, precise, like ambition underwater, and she slides one elbow onto the desk with such maddening precision that Kanaya suspects her of chess-like mastery, planning out each action six turns in advance.

rec’d by acerbictomes

[Description: Rose Lalonde and Kanaya Maryam gazing into each other’s eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever used the phrase “lovey-dovey” before in my life, and I fucking hope there’s no repeat, but in this instance it truly suits. They’re not even closing in for a kiss, just smiling contently, hands intertwined or not intertwined below the image, respective focus points unwavering. It could be a staring contest, a silent version of No, I Love You More, see who blinks first and… listen alright, it doesn’t matter how much I make fun down here, because they’re never going to notice enough to take offense. This is a picture of The Annoying Couple, and you know exactly the one I mean. The girlfriends who are so caught up in the glint of reflected green sunlight over the inner iris of their new lover, they are left unaware of anything else in the whole of paradox space, even given Rose’s Seer powers or the large and interestingly alien ears Kanaya is sporting.]



[Description: Rose Lalonde Laughing Alone With Kanaya number… something. 4, I think. Kanaya is frozen in the shock of occurring events. She holds Rose awkwardly; her arms are extended and her hand is not quite slipping below the junction of hip and thigh. Rose has assumed a classic sexy pose, one requiring her to stand more unbalanced than may be advisable for someone who has just independently invented alcohol. To remain upright, it seems Rose has resorted, alas, to grabbing hold of Kanaya’s boob. (There are no “honk”s written on any part of this image, I note for contextual clarity.)]


told ya I’d fix it up

[Description: Bright, cartoony rendition of Rose and Kanaya’s first meeting in front of a scribbled green backdrop of sunstuff. Rose is floating and her face is fairly hidden beneath her seer’s hood, only her smile visible. Kanaya looks up at her, pleased too at this introduction.]



[Description: Rose and Kanaya are sitting together. Kanaya looks casual and slightly rumbled, but Rose is pretty fucking miserable. Godhood is either no proof against hangovers or falling headfirst down stairs, if we judge by the compress Rose holds to her temple. Kanaya glances at Rose, but she does not appear concerned for Rose’s sad state. She’s trapped Rose’s supporting hand under her own curled fingers and is smirking her satisfaction at recent events.]


“Bluh, sorry.”

“Its Quite Alright.” 


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Stream of consciousness drabble up there under the cut.

It is regarding Canon.

[Description: Cosplayers of Rose and Kanaya cuddling on the carpetted floor. They’re backlit by the panoramic window behind them; we see beyond to a building like iced gingerbread. Kanaya is smiling at her own thoughts, but Rose offers a smirk to the viewer. Her bangs fall in front of one eye like the sauciest of winks.]


I apologize for so many Otakon photos, but I really wanted to share one of my Kanaya and I ♥

Kanaya | Rose